I love to explore photographic elements - colors, textures, lines and shapes - using both natural and man-made subjects to unveil beauty and perspectives that would otherwise remain unseen.


With each subject, I work on a series of images and go through an experimental journey until a unique language emerges. When I take the photographs for the new series, I am not necessarily thinking about what I want to capture. It is rather the subject that captures me. Afterwards, I work on the subject and its conceptualization, as a sculptor would carve a block of marble or shape clay, until I find what I am looking for. I edit the images enough to remove small distractions and to bring up specific details through the use of color (de)saturation and focus that give the image an enhanced presence. I have no interest in making a subject looks like it does in real life, but in its interpretation. 


Each image is discovered in an intimate dialogue between my subject and myself, and in each I hope to express the hidden beauty and harmony of elements. If a viewer stops for a moment to contemplate one of my images, and allows his imagination to unfold and see the beauty that was once unseen, then I have succeeded in my work.