Because of our constant shifts, an average of one even three years, looking for furniture is an important part of the moving in process. For me, once the house is set up as our home, it is really our home no matter where it is.

Once I read an article saying that expats who move with their furniture, adapt themselves to the new location faster than the ones who decide to move without it. I’ve always moved with my furniture or part of it, but everything never fits exactly as in the previous house. Sometimes you have less space, sometimes more, sometimes the size of the old and new house are similar, but the house layouts are never the same and many times after a move you usually have some losses. 

Here in L.A. it was really easy to find what I needed. The choice that you have is huge and the price range can fit any budget. On top of that, most of these things can be delivered to your door. Heaven, absolute heaven!

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“Depth must be hidden. Where? On the surface”. H. Hofmannsthal

What intrigues me the most in photography is the fact that you can on one hand be descriptive and capture your subject as it is and on the other hand capture the same subject and create a completely new interpretation of it.

Wherever I go I am always looking at the texture, shape, form, color of different surfaces and also how the small details are inserted in a much wider context. I love the saying “God lives in the detail”.

While we were living in Beijing, we once we decided to spend a holiday in Langkawi, which is an archipelago of 140 islands in  the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland of northwestern Malaysia.

There in the garden of the hotel the trunk tree captured my attention. The tree was slender, tall and its bark had such interesting texture, because in pilling off uneven it reveals different hues and patterns. So I decided to investigate the life cycle of this organism almost as in a botany lesson.

When I started to edit the pictures I was absolutely surprised by the result and it invited me to go further not only saturating the hues and stretching the contrast, but also unfolding each take in a series of inverted replicas. At that point the perception of the object was transfigured and we couldn’t have said what it initially had been. In this way the series Circuli was born.

I really encourage everyone to investigate in nature, but be aware! Always use booths and before starting to photograph check around, once we start to photograph we can be so absorbed that it is possible to not notice animals that were there before us. This was the case, when I found a snake very early one morning while I was preparing to start shooting.


A week after I was born, my family moved from São Paulo to Brasília. Since then, over the course of 47 years, I have moved 20 times. 12 times whilst I was single and 8 times after getting married, covering 4 different continents. 

Do I enjoy moving? Not really, actually. It’s sad to have to say goodbye to the life you have built and the people with whom you have connected. The constant effort to adapt to a completely new environment or circumstance on the basis that it will last forever and then uproot again takes a huge effort. But at the same time, these moves have brought me so much that I can't imagine my life without them. Big moves and change give us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, develop a new point of view, discover other nuances of ourselves and live a life worth living because, in fact, everything is moving, transforming and changing constantly around us with or without our interference.

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