Because of our constant shifts, an average of one even three years, looking for furniture is an important part of the moving in process. For me, once the house is set up as our home, it is really our home no matter where it is.

Once I read an article saying that people who move with their furniture, adapt themselves to the new location faster than the ones who decide to move without it. I’ve always moved with my furniture or part of it, but everything never fits exactly as in the previous house. Sometimes you have less space, sometimes more, sometimes the size of the old and new house are similar, but the house layouts are never the same and many times after a move you usually have some losses. 

Here in L.A. it was really easy to find what I needed. The choice that you have is huge and the price range can fit any budget. On top of that, most of these things can be delivered to your door. Heaven, absolute heaven!

Recently, I visited the Helms Bakery District and I’ve loved it. It is a historical Los Angeles destination. In 1931 Helms Bakery opened its factory doors and for over forty years they delivered fresh-baked "Daily at your door". The bakery was a pristine showplace and a model for mass production. Wedding cakes, breads, cookies, doughnuts and more then150 different items in all were produced by them. Helm bread became the choice of athletes, astronauts, presidents, kings and Rose Parade queens. The family is no longer in the business of baked goods, but the building remains a landmark in its architectural significance.

Nowadays, you can find shops in the refurbish factory building like H.D.Buttercup where different designers show their collections, Room & Board where the way that they display their modern style in different kinds of rooms can be very inspiring, Scandinavian Desigs where they do their version of Scandinavian design with fine craftsmanship, Harbour Outdoor for outdoor and patio furniture, a Kohler signature store, The Rug Warehouse and Arcana, a good art book shop and many oders to come. In the same area you can also find cool restaurants, cafés, and one of the vans used to deliver Helms Bakery treats all over the Valley where you can still savor their pastries.

This is definitely a pleasant place to go and stroll around in.